Reasons to go solar

Bitlin provides the highest quality, solar energy products and services within the residential space.


Reasons to go Solar No 1:

Save on your electricity bill from day 1

An on-grid  PV system is typically connected to your electricity supply in the building and runs concurrently with your power supply from council. Excess electricity is fed back to council through a bi-directional meter. At night or when rainy, power is imported from council. This is called a Grid-tied or On-grid system. The net effect is a saving in your electricity bill. Typically, the cost of a PV system can now be recovered within 5-7 years in savings.
An off-grid system can still be connected to the grid but us in essence a closed system reliant on solar and batteries. The major advantage of this technology is that you a have power when the grid is interrupted i.e. in the event of load shedding. System like these take longer to see a return on investment (ROI) but is currently a very popular choice for the residential market.


Reasons to go Solar No 2:

Increased property value.

A solar system, if bought out right or financed, is an asset that adds to the value of your property. Buyers are becoming more educated and aware of energy saving and efficient buildings. Long after the system is bought and paid for it will still be producing electricity, reducing your electrical bill and adding vale to your asset.

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Reasons to go Solar No 3:


Sustainability. As the impact on our environment escalates, it has become increasingly important to question our habits and spending patterns. Solar energy is 100% renewable, the process of manufacturing solar components are closely managed and most plants themselves run on renewable energy. Most components are recyclable. The question is rather, why not go Solar?

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Reasons to go Solar No 4:

Independence from the grid and loadshedding.

Although an on-grid solar system will not give you independence from the grid, an off-grid system will go a long way in achieving this. An off-grid system consists in part of a closed system that includes batteries to provide electricity when the grid is down.In addition batteries can be used to self consume. Energy is stored during the day and used at night. This increases independence greatly and maximises your savings. In addition, as more and more people go solar or employ other renewable energy, the grid does become more stable and less constrained.


Reasons to go Solar No 5:

Tax benefit.

As a business or trust, SARS allows you to write off the capital expense in 1 year, thereby potentially saving you 28% of your investment. There has never been a better time to go solar.