7kWp Home installation with 17.5kWh Pylontech batteries. Consulting and config.


3kWp Off-grid Kodak King Home Installation - Subcontracting - design and commissioning.

Onder Pappegaaiberg

4kWp Axpert system, off-grid, here we go!


7kWp solar system incl 2 x 2.4kWp Pylontech batteries.


2kWp solar system with Lithium Ion battery backup, resulting in a 70% saving in electricity.


3kWp off-grid solar system in Sellenbosch to keep those batteries charged for load shedding.

Dalsig, Stellenbosch

5kWp Victron System with less dependance on Eskom.


4kWp on-grid SMA Sunny Boy with 8kWp Sunny Island. Exporting excess electricity to council.

Brandwact aan Rivier, Stellenbosch

3kWp Mecer Axpert Home Installation - Subcontracting (Design and commission)

Onder Pappegaaiberg


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