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Energy Efficiency Consultation
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Solar Compliance and Certification

PV GreenCard

All our systems are compliant with the  SANS 10106 (thermal), SANS 10142-1/2 (PV) and by-laws. A CoC (certificate of compliance) is issued and we facilitate the registration of the system with council. We will also inspect existing systems and assist in compliance and registration.

Solar Electricity

Photo Voltaic

What is PV? Photo Voltaic, refers to the process where light is converted into electricity through the use of a solar panel. Solar panels can consist of various materials, the most common of these are mono- or polycrystalline silicon panels. Most panels are stable, have a lifespan of more than 25 years and are easy to recycle.

Solar Geyser


We now offer a cost effective solution to retrofit your standard geyser to use PV. It is also the ideal solution for holiday homes since no overheating occurs.

Solar Storage


A major drawback of solar is that peak generation occurs during the daytime and most of usage in the evening. In addition, backup storage has seen huge growth as the stability in the power grid becomes less reliable. We will design the optimum solution for your environment.

Areas Of Service



Bitlin specialises in Photo Voltaic (PV) solutions to reduce your dependency on the public grid, lower your electricity bill and reduce your carbon emissions.

Energy Efficiency Consultation

BITLIN Technology

We are surrounded by technology, but very little is done to have the various systems work together in an optimal, secure and stable state. Most systems interface with your IT and communications infrastructure. We have hand picked top professionals within their respective fields, to implement a state of the art system for your living and working environments. In addition all systems can be monitored remotely to ensure optimal production and keep track of the performance of your system.

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Form follows function. When designing any modern system, there are basic considerations that need to be taken into account. Aesthetics, longevity, stability and security needs to be addressed from the design stage in order to ensure a system that will perform at its peak for years to come.  Quality products and workmanship form the core of our design philosophy in order protect your investment.


Our Story

We provide the highest quality, solar energy products and services within the residential space.

During 2008, with the first round of load shedding, an alternative source of energy became necessary. We started looking for seamless solutions to their energy needs. Bitlin Solutions strives to provide products and services within the renewable energy industry with a focus on the residential space. In the technologically complex environment of today, you need a partner with the skill set and integrity to guide you through the process of selecting the best possible solutions to contribute life style and minimise the impact on the environment.



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